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Construction Timeline

Please bookmark this page to stay updated on our campus redesign.

The BMC campus redesign is a long-term project that will take several years to complete. Construction activities began on the Menino campus in early 2014 and we anticipate they will be completed in 2018.

Construction Activities in 2016

  • Walk-in ED entrance temporarily moved from Albany Street to the main entrance of Menino Pavilion on Harrison Avenue.
  • The BMC Gift Shop, located in the Menino Lobby, is closed for construction. It will re-open Summer 2016.
  • A new bridge to transport trauma patients from the helipad to the Emergency Department is being constructed.
  • Radiology services will be expanding within the Menino Pavilion. New clinical services will open Fall 2016.
  • Construction of new addition to Menino Pavilion continues.

Clinical Department Moves

Clinical areas have been relocated in Yawkey and Menino to make way for construction. Patients were notified in advance of the moves. Please be aware of the following new locations.

  • Emergency Department Walk-In Entrance Relocated to Harrison Avenue/Menino Atrium.
  • The Menino cafeteria has closed and a new expanded cafeteria has opened in Yawkey Center.
  • Labor and Delivery services moved from Menino Pavilion into Yawkey Center, 4th floor.
  • The Preventive Food Pantry is located in Yawkey Center's basement.
  • The Demonstration Kitchen has been relocated into the Yawkey cafeteria, Mezzanine level.
  • The chapel is now located in the Dowling building, ground floor.
  • Elders Living at Home Program is now located in Doctors Office Building (DOB), 7th floor.
  • Blood draw lab on Yawkey 3 was relocated to Yawkey Center, 1st floor.
  • Anticoagulation Clinic is located on Shapiro LL (Lower Level).
  • Geriatrics Clinic is now located on Shapiro, 9th floor.

If you have any questions about clinic relocations, please call (617) 638-4144.