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New Design

Architectural Renderings

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Emergency Department (ED)

BMC will expand its ED into the Menino courtyard, increasing the size by almost 30%. The new ED will integrate with Urgent Care, include a separate behavioral health treatment area, patient drop-off, and an expanded ambulance bay.



Transport Bridge

BMC's helipad is located across from the ED, beyond Albany Street. To improve patient access to the ED, BMC will construct a transport bridge where the yellow utility tube is currently located to connect the helipad to the ED.


Yawkey Cafeteria

BMC will open a new cafeteria on the mezzanine level of Yawkey. The bright, open space will provide seating for 240 people. It will replace the Menino Pavilion cafeteria.


Yawkey Lobby

BMC will renovate the Yawkey lobby to provide access to the mezzanine-level cafeteria. The bright, modern layout will complement the design of the Yawkey Center, creating a unified look and feel to the BMC campus.


Women and Infants' Center

To better serve mothers and babies, BMC will construct a new Women and Infants' Center in Yawkey. The area will feature all private maternity rooms and be designed around BMC’s industry leading Mother Baby rooming-in “Couplet Care” practice. It will also include state-of-the-art private bays for neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) patients.