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The Autism Resource Program at BMC

The Autism Resource Program at BMC

April is National Autism Awareness Month. Celebrating awareness, action, inclusion, acceptance, and appreciation, the Autism Society launched a nationwide effort nearly 50 years ago to assure that each person with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is provided the opportunity to achieve the highest possible quality of life. The BMC Autism Program strives to do this each day through their work in supporting patients and their families.

The diagnosis of an ASD presents a uniquely complex set of challenges for families and the clinicians responsible for their care. Since 2003, Boston Medical Center's Autism Resource Program's clinicians have provided evaluations and ongoing care for children of all ages when there is a pediatrician concern about autism spectrum disorders and related conditions.

Autism specialists at BMC are trained professionals who work alongside Developmental and Behavioral clinicians to provide both exceptional medical care and develop innovative, culturally knowledgeable approaches, and practices to best support BMC's patient population. The Autism Program team also includes a bi-lingual Family Navigator, and a robust teams of internes, and volunteers.

Many families seen at BMC are low-income, immigrant families who have the additional challenge of facing cultural, linguistic, educational, or other social barriers. To address this challenge, The Autism Resource Program assists and empowers those affected by ASDs through direct patient support, provider education, and community based trainings, offering high quality and comprehensive care to all.

Program staff form effective partnerships with schools, collaborate with local support organizations, and draw upon a deep knowledge base of social service agencies to facilitate linkages and empower marginalized families to access the very best care for their children. Some current program initiatives include facilitating a culturally and linguistically diverse parent leadership network called PLAN (Parents Leaders in Autism Network), conducting ongoing collaborative efforts within the Boston Public Schools, and specific outreach to Hispanic families as part of a program called "Autismo Boston."

To schedule an appointment with the Department of Behavioral Pediatrics, call 617.414.4841 or email the BMC Autism Program at [email protected]. You can also visit us online at