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BMC Offers 3D Mammography

BMC Offers 3D Mammography

Every mammography machine at Boston Medical Center is now 3D!

Similar to a 2D mammogram, the 3D exam is performed the same way – the technologist will position a patient on the machine, compress the breast, and take 2D images. These images are then synthesized to create a 3D image.

The 3D image allows doctors to examine the breast layer by layer. The 3D image of the breast allows physicians to get a better look at the breast and determine what is normal tissue and what is not, increasing the provider's ability to detect certain cancers. Better images reduce the number of patients called back for further testing unnecessarily.

While the risk for breast cancer has decreased from every 1 in 4 women to every 1 in 8 women, early detection is still key. Annual mammograms should begin at age 40 and continue for as long as the woman is in good health.

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