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BMC's Travel Clinic

BMC's Travel Clinic

Do you have upcoming travel plans outside the U.S.? Whether you are studying abroad, visiting family or friends in another country, or simply planning a fun getaway, BMC’s Travel Clinic can help with all of your travel healthcare needs. The Travel Clinic provides a variety of health services. Clinic staff provides special travel and routine vaccines, medications to prevent malaria and treat travelers’ diarrhea, and advice about keeping healthy during travel. The travel clinic also sees patients for diagnosis and treatment of illnesses after travel.

Patients of all ages can visit the clinic before a trip to receive routine travel vaccines to prevent common diseases. The clinic offers vaccines including those that protect against hepatitis A, typhoid fever, Japanese encephalitis, yellow fever, and rabies. Staff at the Travel Clinic can also provide individualized services to those with special travel health needs, including infants and young children, those with underlying medical conditions, the immunocompromised, pregnant women, those preparing to work or live overseas for prolonged periods, and business and adventure travelers. Group sessions for students, volunteers, and missionaries can be arranged.

Pre-travel advice on a number of topics is available. The Clinic staff will provide pre-travel counseling on a number of travel-related topics such as going to high altitude, motion sickness, jet lag, travel during pregnancy, evacuation insurance, and more.

If necessary, patients can visit the Clinic after their trip if they experience any symptoms such as fever, diarrhea, skin diseases, or parasitic diseases including malaria, schistosomiasis, filarial diseases, and Chagas disease (an infectious disease caused by a parasite). Staff are also very familiar with diseases carried by mosquitoes such as Zika, dengue, and chikungunya.

Appointments for adults are available Monday through Friday. Prospective travelers should make an appointment 4-6 weeks before a trip. However, accommodations can be made for those with time constraints.

To make an appointment for a child or young adult (up to 24 years old), please call 617.414.4841.

To make an appointment at the adult clinic, please call 617.414.4290.

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