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Congratulations Teresa Pugliese, RN!

Congratulations Teresa Pugliese, RN!

Congratulations to Teresa Pugliese, winner of Boston Medical Center’s 2nd annual “Nominate a Nurse” contest!

“Teresa ALWAYS goes above and beyond for her patients,” wrote Katie Quinn, NP, Teresa’s colleague on Moakley 3 at BMC’s Cancer Care Center. “She truly treats the whole person, not just their specific cancer diagnosis.”

Katie told the story of a BMC patient who is currently being treated here for advanced prostate cancer. “He is from another country and has limited resources,” she said. “From day one, Teresa really helped advocate for this patient. When he didn't take his medications as prescribed, she didn't get frustrated. Instead, she helped identify barriers to his care: low literary skills, lack of supports, pain/nausea that were not well controlled. She bought a pill box for him and helped him organize his medications so he would take them as scheduled around his chemotherapy in addition to his daily medications. His side effects from chemotherapy lessened and his quality of life improved dramatically. The patient was a new person because she took the time to learn more about (him)…rather than just treating (him) with the chemotherapy that was prescribed... ALL of (Teresa’s) patients live longer and better because of this amazing nurse who always goes the extra mile for every single patient. ”

Teresa was surprised with flowers and a card containing Katie’s letter, in honor of National Nurses Week. Each year, Nurses Week recognizes the incredible contributions made by nurses. Nurses Week takes place from May 6 through May 12, which is also the birthday of Florence Nightingale, who is considered the founder of modern nursing.

Teresa’s been working at BMC since she began her career in nursing 28 years ago, and hasn’t looked back since. “I love it here,” she said, adding, “Really, I was just doing my job. But it’s so nice to feel appreciated by my colleagues. We work as a team, and we’re all in this together!”

Boston Medical Center is proud to celebrate the role our nurses play in delivering the highest level of quality care to our patients. This year, we received more than 50 entries and nominations submitted by BMC patients and staff, explaining why their favorite caretaker should be chosen! Each nominated nurse will receive a card letting them know that words of praise were submitted on their behalf. Our nursing staff provides care for countless patients and families, offering the highest levels of comfort during their time at BMC.

Thanks to all who participated in this year’s contest, and congratulations again to Teresa!