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Do You Have a Career or a Passion That Depends On Your Voice?

Do You Have a Career or a Passion That Depends On Your Voice?

If so, then you are a professional voice user. Professional voice users can be singers, teachers, actors, or have any other career where voice use is a daily requirement.

"One of the more common reasons for voice problems is exceeding vocal capacity. Our center can assist in making voice use more efficient and judicious, thus improving a patient's voice," says J. Pieter Noordzij, MD.

The Center is staffed by a team of voice therapists, laryngologists, and speech pathologists, who offer a range of diagnostic and treatment options for people suffering with voice or swallowing disorders. The disorders that are often treated at the Center for Voice and Swallowing include vocal cord paralysis, spasdomic dysphonia, acid reflux, vocal polyps and cysts, sulcus vocalis and other types of vocal scarring, papillomas, and early stage larynx cancer.

When a patient arrives at the Center, a BMC specialist will perform a voice screening to review their voice history and identify any potential vocal problems. Once diagnosed, the specialist will recommend the necessary treatment option to treat the patient’s condition. This may include an in-office therapy or if needed, a surgeon can perform minimally invasive surgical procedures using state-of-the-art technology.

Professional voice users need to maintain good vocal health in order to sustain their career. If your voice is feeling strained or tired, call 617-638-8124 to schedule your appointment today.

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