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February is Heart Month

February is Heart Month

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Boston Medical Center offers a unique and wide array of services for patients who have, or are at risk for developing heart disease. Certified by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR) for the fourth year in a row, the program provides a comprehensive approach to improve cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of future cardiac events for each patient.

Eligible patients may include those who have recently had a heart attack, coronary artery disease, valve repair/replacement, coronary artery bypass graft surgery, coronary angioplasty, stent, or heart transplant. Founded by Gary Balady, MD, and Carol McNally, RN 31 years ago, the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program offers a multi-disciplinary approach to providing patients a personalized path to regaining wellness.

Each patient is provided with:

  • Initial assessment by a cardiologist
  • Exercise testing (stress test)
  • Supervised exercise training
  • Personal nutrition evaluation and weight management
  • Cholesterol screening and management
  • Tobacco treatment counseling
  • Risk-factor modification and education
  • Periodic reports to referring physicians
  • A three-month transition program is available to interested participants who wish to extend their time in cardiac rehabilitation

In addition to its tenure of more than 30 years, the personalized care and attention to detail that this program offers is what makes it so unique. “Dr. Balady, who is the Medical Director, takes time to meet with each and every patient individually,” said McNally. “He is able to pick up on tiny details that might otherwise go unnoticed, and that’s part of what really makes our program so unique.”

Transportation resources, translation services, and a personalized web-based support system available are also available to help each individual patient achieve their goals.

To learn more about the Cardiac Rehabilitation and Prevention Program, please contact Carol McNally, RN at 617.638.7490 or visit