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BMC Launches New Smoking Cessation Clinic

BMC Launches New Smoking Cessation Clinic

Starting on July 10, BMC will launch a new program designed to educate and help patients get on the road to a smoke-free life. The hospital will host the first meeting of its new Smoking Cessation Clinic, featuring group sessions and the opportunity for individual counseling, on Friday, July 10 from 9:30-11:00 a.m., on the 9th floor of the Shapiro Building. The meetings will be held every Friday morning at the same time and location. They are open to everyone, including BMC staff, and are covered by most insurance plans.

"The focused time, specialized knowledge, and counseling that our experts give to each and every patient is critical to achieving long-term success," she added.The Friday smoking cessation clinic is led by Hasmeena Kathuria, MD, working in collaboration with Behavioral Medicine specialist Robert Sokolove, PhD, and respiratory therapists Andrea Forman and Charlie O'Donnell. "At Boston Medical Center, we understand that quitting smoking requires a team approach," said Dr. Kathuria. "We have a multidisciplinary group of tobacco-trained specialists, pulmonologists, respiratory therapists, and behavioral health specialists who come together to address the physical, psychological, and medical needs of individuals trying to kick this life-threatening habit."

Individuals need only attend one session of the new smoking cessation clinic. For those interested in more intensive, ongoing assistance with quitting, we can help participants enroll in BMC's successful, eight-week smoking cessation program, which is offered through the BMC Department of Behavioral Health. The program is led by Dr. Sokolove.

Dr. Sokolove's clinic is a series of one hour sessions meeting for eight consecutive weeks at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesdays. Everyone shares a common quit date of the evening before the fifth session. The first four sessions are dedicated to learning how to cope with the urges to smoke, including how to use relaxation training, medication, and social support. The last three sessions are focused on relapse prevention and tailoring post smoking education to each patient's unique needs and issues.

Dr. Kathuria's new clinic will feature demonstrations and advice from experts from across BMC, including respiratory therapists, pharmacists, and pulmonologists, and prescribing of FDA-approved medications based on participant and provider preferences. To make an appointment, call 617-638-7480 or 617-414-3479. Physicians can also directly enter a patient referral in EPIC to the Pulmonary Smoking Cessation Program by typing ‘Pulmonary Smoking' in the Meds and Orders dialogue box; this will take you directly to the correct referral (please note the specific instructions that apply to Medicare vs. non-Medicare patients).