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Lung Nodule Clinic Now Open

Lung Nodule Clinic Now Open

If you have a lung nodule it is very important you are seen regularly by a doctor who specializes in caring for patients with nodules. This is because treatment for a lung nodule often depends upon how it changes over time. Only the doctor monitoring you will know if the nodule has changed or requires treatment. At the BMC Lung Nodule Clinic, we specialize in caring for patients like you. We will see you quickly and develop a plan for your lung health, while working in consultation with your primary care physician.

A lung nodule, often called a spot on your lung, is a solid area of tissue that has formed in an area of your lungs where it should not be. Most lung nodules are harmless and cause no problems. However, some lung nodules turn out to be cancer (fewer than 5 out of 100). Nodules that are more than one centimeter (about a half inch) in size are more likely to be cancer.

Lung nodules show up on X-ray or CT scan. You may have received one of these tests because the nodule was causing you symptoms or the nodule may have been detected when you had an X-ray or a CT scan for a different reason.

Typically, when a lung nodule is found, you will have another CT scan in a few months to see if it changes in size. Most lung nodules that are not cancer do not grow. If a small nodule is early lung cancer, it usually takes several months to get bigger. So, even if a small nodule is cancerous, it is very likely that it will still be small and treatable. If the nodule is large, or changes during the time you are having CT scans, your doctor may suggest having it biopsied or removed.

If you have a lung nodule and are a smoker, it is very important that you stop smoking. Smoking increases the risk for lung cancer. We can help you quit smoking by scheduling an appointment in our smoking cessation clinic.

To schedule your appointment in the Lung Nodule Clinic, call (617) 638-7480.