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Macc Grant

Macc Grant

BMC Awarded $6 Million Grant to Provide Collaborative Support to Primary Care Providers and Medically Complex Children

The growing number of children and youth with complex and long-term medical needs presents an evolving challenge to families, community-based resources and educational services, as well as the health care system. And, as any parent who has experienced it will tell you, caring for a child with significant and complex medical needs is an enormous undertaking – one that goes beyond just finding the right medical care to one that includes adapting work schedules, physical demands, locating social services and more. Often, parents are coping with all of this while also managing the needs of other, healthy children also in the household. As you can imagine, psychosocial needs of the child and entire family are ever present.

Patients can be referred to the program by their primary care provider and will receive an assessment at either BMC or Baystate. Once completed, 4C program staff will strive to support families and the child’s pediatrician in their local community to enhance and optimize their medical care as well as the community and education resources. And, all of this will take advantage of the latest technology as each MACC patient will have a secure, individualized, Cloud Based Care Plan accessible to family and providers.

In addition to access to the program for patients, physician leaders are conducting research about the program. “Our goal is to demonstrate that this coordinated care approach leads to improvements in the kind of care delivered and to more time at home and in school, less family stress, and overall savings in health care costs,” says Jack Maypole, MD, the program’s director at BMC and co-investigator of the CMMI grant.

“Traveling long distances can be very stressful for these children.” says Matthew Sadof MD, the programs Director at Baystate Children’s Hospital in Springfield and co-investigator of the CMMI grant there. “This program is designed to help families and their pediatricians find and receive the services they need close to where they live.