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Male vs. Female Rhinoplasty

Male vs. Female Rhinoplasty

The size and shape of your nose affects your whole appearance. Rhinoplasty, also known as a “nose job,” is a common surgical procedure to improve the cosmetic appearance of the nose.

No two faces are alike, so no two nose jobs are the same, either. Waleed Ezzat, MD, FACS performs hundreds of rhinoplasty procedures every year at Boston Medical Center. “I always tell my patients that this is a team effort,” Dr. Ezzat said. “I take the time to speak with each patient, understand their specific concerns, and make a plan to fit their needs.”

Women commonly complain that the tip of their nose is too wide (bulbous), uneven, or droopy (ptotic tip). Small changes can achieve big results, without having a fake or “plastic” look. Also common among women is a “dorsal hump” along the nose, which can give the illusion of a droopy or stubby nose. Fixing this hump, while keeping the rest of the nose in harmony with your face, provides a natural look.

For many women, a goal of rhinoplasty is to make the nose appear smaller. However, this isn’t usually a goal for men. For men, a good looking nose is based on measurements along the face, forehead, and lips. This can mean straightening the nose without narrowing it, or reducing the hump on the nose without making it appear “dainty.”

For all patients, making sure that the nose functions and looks its best, while maintaining its masculinity or femininity, is crucial.

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