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Memory Disorders Clinic

Memory Disorders Clinic

Difficulty remembering new information, trouble finding words or solving everyday problems can be distressing for geriatric patients faced with the first signs of memory loss to those suffering with late stage neurocognitive impairment. At Boston Medical Center, we are with patients every step of the way, recently opening our doors to a new Memory Disorders Clinic within the Geriatric Ambulatory Practice.

A multidisciplinary team composed of a neurologist, geriatrician, geriatrics nurse and social worker welcomes those 60 and above who have concerns about their memory loss, assuring patients feel comforted and heard within the clinic setting.

A complete cognitive diagnostic evaluation is performed with lab testing and imaging to determine causes for memory loss. Social work assistance is also readily available to help educate families and connect to resources within the community, often times reducing caregiver burden.

A family centered treatment approach, the Memory Disorders Clinic at BMC provides patient and caregiver education, caregiving techniques and emotional support for all involved. “It’s a social situation and should be approached that way,” said team neurologist, Dr. Aleksandra Stark. “The greatest thing you can do is empower a patient—empower the person that is suffering and focus on what they can do, not what they can’t. It makes it that much more hopeful.”

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