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Migraine Surgery at Boston Medical Center

Migraine Surgery at Boston Medical Center

Do you suffer from migraine headaches? Oftentimes more than 15 a month? At Boston Medical Center, Timothy Osborn, DDS, MD can provide relief to those with chronic headaches through trigger site decompression surgery (migraine surgery).

Much like carpal tunnel in your wrists where nerves experience excessive pressure, the same can happen with nerves in your forehead, cheeks, or temples. This nerve compression may be a trigger for migraine headaches and surgery can relieve the compression. To perform this operation, Dr. Osborn uses a camera to identify problematic nerve(s) via small incisions in the hairline. Then he frees the nerve from the surrounding tissue to release the pressure on the nerve which can reduce or eliminate your migraines. If your migraine typically begins in the back of your head, the procedure can be done there as well.

To qualify for surgery, you need to have experienced improvement in chronic headaches with BoTox® therapy, have had a neurologic evaluation that eliminates other causes of headaches, and have been on medication to prevent, treat, or stop migraine headaches, but experienced no/minimal relief from the medicine.

“Most people experience an 80% reduction in the frequency, intensity, and duration of their migraine headaches,” said Dr. Osborn. “Many patients with chronic migraine also benefit from BoTox® therapy which needs to be repeated every three months. Surgical intervention is a way to get longer term results.”

Surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes between two to three hours with a recovery period of seven to ten days.

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