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Senior Care

Senior Care

The Geriatrics Ambulatory Practice provides comprehensive medical care for patients 65 years and older.

Our geriatricians (doctors who specialize in elder care) and nurses work with patients and families to design and implement personalized care plans to help older adults stay health and independent. We address the full range of issues often experienced by seniors, including multiple chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and functional issues such as falls and problems with walking. Taking many medications is a common and challenging problem as well. Our geriatricians are experts at helping patients manage their medications and prevent medication related complications.

We make sure the first visit is scheduled for one hour to allow sufficient time for the doctor and geriatrics nurse to perform a complete evaluation, covering everything from medication and medical history reviews to an assessment of function at home. "We are dedicated to getting to know our patients well and providing personalized care," said Heidi Auerbach, MD, medical director. "When meeting a new patient and his or her family, we set aside time to discuss everything surrounding health, lifestyle, family, and community. We want to be sure we listen well and address all concerns our patients and families have. We are very committed to helping our patients age well and receive the best care possible.

Some patients may only need to see the doctor two or three times per year. Others with more complex issues are seen more frequently. Assessment and treatment of the patient's medical conditions are only part of the picture. If community-based services such as meals-on-wheels or home health aides are needed, our experienced geriatrics nurses will work with the patient and family to put these services into place.

If specialty care is needed, it can all happen right at BMC, and will be coordinated by our geriatrics team. Our patients who need hospitalization, will be admitted to the Geriatrics Inpatient Service. Our practice works hard to make sure patients receive coordinated care from hospital to back home. If patients need house calls or rehabilitation services, our practice coordinates care with our Geriatrics Home Care Program and our BMC affiliated rehabilitation programs.

In addition to primary care, we also provide consultation services. Our Geriatric Assessment Clinic provides consultations for functional and cognitive decline, multiple medications, falls, and frailty. The assessment team, which includes a geriatrician, geriatrics fellow, and geriatrics nurse, assesses the patient's conditions and makes written recommendations to the patient's primary care physician. These recommendations address the patient's medical psychological, social, and functional needs. Our Memory Disorders Clinic, staffed by behavioral neurologist, provides consultation for patients and families who have concerns specifically related to memory.

Our geriatrics team works together with patients and families toward one common goal – to provide comprehensive care that meets all our patients' needs.

To schedule an appointment at the Geriatrics Ambulatory Practice, please call 617.414.4639.