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Spring Training 101: A Beginner's Guide to Running

Spring Training 101: A Beginner's Guide to Running

It’s official: winter is over. After a season spent indoors (and perhaps, many hours logged on the couch), establishing or re-establishing exercise routines can prove challenging. But just as the Red Sox are preparing for baseball season, and thousands of runners gear up for the 119th running of the Boston Marathon on April 17, beginning runners can achieve success – and conquer their first 5K race – with a little “spring training.”

“Beginning runners should alternate their cardio training with resistance workouts to guard against injury,” says Doug Comeau, DO, CAQSM, FAAFP, Director of The Ryan Center for Sports Medicine. “Strength training is an important component of a well-rounded running plan.”

Expect to train for about six weeks, before your road race takes place. Focus on building your distance and your time spent running versus time spent walking, each week. Weekends are the ideal time to devote a little more time to your workouts, and tackle longer distance runs.

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