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Teens And Tots Program

Teens And Tots Program

Teens and Tots Program

The Teens and Tots Program at Boston Medical Center is a unique and welcoming program for teenage girls who are pregnant or parenting, their baby, and their baby’s fathers. Seeing patients 21 years and younger since 1974, Teens and Tots Program (TTP) participants not only have access to outstanding medical care and support, but also to parenting groups, nutrition counseling, and the program’s free ten-week prenatal centering pregnancy group.

“Funded by Boston Healthy Start, our Teens and Tots Program focuses on strengthening families and their co-parenting skills,” said Natalie Joseph, MD, program director. “Young expecting parents have the opportunity to talk to their peers and know they’re not alone.”

Friends and family members are also encouraged to attend prenatal care group classes where complimentary food is served and topics cover:

  • Prenatal Testing and Healthy Lifestyle Choices
  • Body Changes in Pregnancy and Common Discomforts
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Preterm Labor
  • Labor and Breathing Techniques
  • The Birth Experience: Delivery and Postpartum Recovery
  • Newborn Care and Safety
  • Pregnancy to Parenting Transition
  • Breastfeeding
  • Postpartum Depression
  • Housing and Benefits Information
  • Newborn Growth and Development
  • School and Work Issues
  • Family Planning (Contraception)
  • Support and Education for Young Fathers

Once baby is born, scheduling appointments is made easy as mother, father, and baby are all seen by the same physician, social worker, case manager, and family planner during their visit. When old enough, teen parents and their toddlers are transitioned to Pediatrics and Adult Primary Care or together to Family Medicine.

For more information, call 617.414.4528.