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Treating Pediatric Concussion at BMC

Treating Pediatric Concussion at BMC

Migraines, nausea, dizziness, prolonged difficulty focusing: Today concussions are being taken more seriously than ever as greater awareness of their impact captivates media attention worldwide, sending afflicted young athletes and children with non-sports related head trauma to specialists for urgent treatment in higher volumes.

Boston Medical Center is at the forefront of this charge, recently establishing multiple clinics dedicated to expediting the treatment of head injuries, concussions, and other pediatric neurological conditions.

Treating patients from infancy through age 21, BMC offers specifically bilingual clinics at BMC’s East Boston Neighborhood Health Center and at clinics serving the Lawrence-Lowell and Fitchburg regions, headed by internationally distinguished BMC pediatric neurologist and native Spanish speaker, Dr. Alcy Torres of Ecuador.

“The clinics offer an alternative for those who aren’t necessarily comfortable in the English speaking medical care system,” said Dr. Karl Kuban, Division Chief of Pediatric Neurology at BMC. “Patients and their families can talk with their physician in more intimate terms using their native language communication skills, making it easier to give a medical history and provide care.”

Additionally, BMC’s first open-access clinic in the state-of-the-art Shapiro Center will enable more children to be seen quickly.

“Many don’t realize that BMC is growing, creating, and developing new programs all the time,” said Dr. Torres who also specializes in the treatment of epilepsy, ADHD, autism and PANDAS syndrome. “The open-access clinic allows us to see children on very short order who have had head trauma and are suffering with acute onset problems that acquire immediate attention.”

Taking the burden off primary care physicians to make the call on sports-related concussion clearance, but working in tandem just a phone call away, BMC’s programs are a streamlined approach to get children in and seen by one of the clinic’s many qualified staff pediatric neurologists.

“Athletes and accident afflicted children need a quick response and cannot be put on a two-month waiting list. This is the whole idea about open-access – you get them in no matter what BMC providers have to do,” said Dr. Torres.

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