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Trigeminal Nerve Repair Surgery

Trigeminal Nerve Repair Surgery

Injury to the nerves in the face or mouth can occur for a variety of reasons including facial trauma or a patient’s facial structure to common dental procedures. When this happens, people experience numbness or pain in their face. Oftentimes, injuries heal within months. . When they don’t, trigeminal nerve repair at BMC can provide significant relief to patients.

During surgery, nerve scar tissue is traced back where it’s still healthy in the soft tissue and a cadaver graph is inserted to replace damaged tissue. This provides a path for the nerve to regrow, which takes about six to nine months.

“Patients can expect to experience immediate relief from any pain they had,” said Tim Osborn, DDS, MD and operating surgeon. “The decision to repair a damaged nerve is individual and depends on the impact to the patient’s daily life, nature of the injury, and time since the injury occurred, but they can often expect 60-80% of feeling to return within one year.”

At a Glance:

  • The procedure takes 3-4 hours
  • Most commonly performed due to a cut nerve making the tongue, lower lip, or chin feel numb
  • Surgery is performed through the mouth, so there is no visible scar

Patient Process:

  • Patients meet with doctor
  • If the nerve does not begin to “self-repair,” surgery is scheduled
  • After surgery, patients see the doctor at one week and then at the 3, 6, 9, and 12 month markers to check their progress

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