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Wiping Away Disease with Weight Loss Surgery

Wiping Away Disease with Weight Loss Surgery

It can be a difficult and often frightening decision to undergo weight loss surgery, but for the right patient it is a lifesaving intervention that can eradicate serious medical conditions associate with obesity. For more than 10 years, the renowned team at BMC’s Bariatric Surgery Program has been providing the tools necessary to help patients find permanent solutions to their weight problems and take control of their health.

BMC’s Bariatric Surgery Program is recognized as a fully-accredited Center of Excellence and verified Level 1A Bariatric Center by the American College of Surgeons. It is also the only bariatric program in Boston to be given a five-star rating by HealthGrades®. Here, BMC’s highly-skilled surgeons engage patients at all levels of obesity and guide even challenging and complex patients to excellent outcomes.

“Our patients receive superior care from the pre-hospital phase through the postoperative care and treatment process. Every patient in our care receives highly individualized attention and a weight loss plan that seeks to minimize risk and maximize results, including the reduction or resolution of obesity-related disease,” explains Donald Hess, MD, Director of BMC’s Bariatric Surgery Program.

Weight loss surgeries offered at the center include the adjustable gastric band, gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy procedure. In nearly all procedures, minimally-invasive techniques are implemented to lessen discomfort, shorten hospital stays and reduce scarring. Current research shows that weight loss surgery can improve or completely resolve obesity-related condition including type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea and cardiovascular disease. Although data varies from study to study, diabetes resolution is approximately 80% for patients who received the gastric bypass and sleeve procedures and 45% for people with the gastric band. Across procedures, approximately 66% of patients resolved their high blood pressure.

BMC makes every effort to prepare patients for a new way of life and supports them throughout their journey. Mandatory information sessions educate patients on the commitments and challenges that are inherent with weight loss surgery, and peer support groups provide inspiration and encouragement to patients in all phases of treatment. While other bariatric programs charge hundreds of dollars for non-physician services, BMC is pleased to waive the program fee for its patients, which includes dietician services, exercise programs and support groups.

BMC’s Bariatric Surgery Program includes internists, nurse coordinators, dietitians, physical therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists and surgeons. The program’s coordinated approach allows for a seamless patient experience through the pre-operative, surgical and recovery phases as well as through ongoing follow-up care.

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