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Addiction Medicine

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From policy makers to clinicians to patients and families in crisis, people across the country are turning to BMC because of its expertise and leadership in caring for patients with addiction. Among the busiest, most comprehensive treatment centers for behavioral health and addiction treatment in the country, BMC has long been an epicenter of innovation, creating replicable care models in the field and providing training to those at the front lines of the opioid crisis sweeping the nation.

Not only is BMC exceptional at caring for patients with addiction, BMC has shown that improving quality-of-care for patients with addiction reduces their medical expenses.

  • Unnecessary hospital admissions: 3 times fewer hospital admissions per patient enrolled in office-based addiction treatment (OBAT)
  • Emergency room visits: 2 times fewer visits per patient enrolled in OBAT and a 30% reduction in visits after the Addiction Consult Service began
  • Readmission to the hospital: a 40% reduction in 30-day readmission rates after the Addiction Consult Service began

BMC also conducts high quality research that translates new innovations from basic science to patients, populations, and health systems, broadening and deepening our understanding of addiction science. New and effective models of care developed at BMC have been expanded across the state and the nation to offer help and hope to patients with substance use disorders. 

BMC has one of the most highly respected addictions research programs in the nation, with a body of published work that has transformed addiction medicine.

People come to BMC for the answers on treating addiction. From policy makers on Beacon Hill and Capitol Hill to patients needing care, BMC’s scientists, policy advisors, clinicians, and executive leadership serve on state and federal committees and task forces to guide government in managing the current crisis, predicting its future state, and developing prevention models.

Now, BMC has established a formal Addiction Center to help turn the tide on this national crisis.