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Interns and Residents

Interns and Residents receive training and experience in Geriatric Medicine through rotations in inpatient and outpatient settings. This education has been enhanced through the development of Evidence-based Medicine training and Chief Resident Immersion Training.

Geriatrics Rotations

Each year, interns as well as second and third year residents compete three weeks on the Geriatrics Inpatient Service, under the supervision of one of the Section of Geriatrics attending physicians. Residents and interns see patients in the clinical setting as well as in the home and in nursing homes. Primary care interns also participate in a specially designed outpatient rotation that includes faculty mentorship, home visits and participation in interdisciplinary primary care.

Geriatrics Ambulatory Rotation Basic Schedule

This is a sample schedule, which may give a better idea of what the day to day activities are like during the Geriatrics Ambulatory Rotation. Regular clinic times are preserved, and the clinicians with whom the residents work know this schedule. Throughout the three weeks spent in Geriatrics, the trainees work in a variety of settings. The following is an example of a week during this rotation. In addition to these activities, the residents are given supplemental readings on topics such as fall prevention and routine screening methods in older adults to supplement the clinical experiences.


Both residents work in the Geriatrics Ambulatory Care Clinic with Dr. Heidi Auerbach and Dr. Lisa Caruso.


Both residents will make home visits with Dr. Serena Chao.


Both residents will work in the clinic with Dr. Serena Chao and Dr. Won Lee


Residents will work in the clinic with Dr. Ryan Chippendale and Dr. Ilona Kopits.


On Friday mornings, 9:00-10:00 am, we have a Section of Geriatrics Conference that you are encouraged to attend. You will receive a schedule for the coming month. Note that on the last Friday of the rotation, you will present the Evidence-based Medicine Case Presentations with Dr. Burrows at the Friday morning Geriatric Conference Series. On Friday afternoons, residents are expected to complete additional home care experiences, which may include house calls with the other block resident to primary care clinic patients.

Lectures are offered for the 4th year medical students in the Trainee Room, Robinson 2504. They are generally scheduled on Wednesday afternoons after 2:00 pm and on Friday mornings following the Section of Geriatrics Educational Conference Series. Residents are encouraged to attend these lectures if available.

Contact: 617.638.6155; [email protected]

Evidence Based Medicine Online Tutorial

With funding from the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation, the section has developed an online tutorial to teach residents the fundamentals of Evidence-based Medicine.

The Inpatient Times

The Inpatient Times: All the news that makes you more fit to treat. A publication of the Hospital Medicine Unit and the Department of Medicine.

The following articles, written by Section of Geriatrics fellows have been published in The Inpatient Times.