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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Grant
Rate Related
Accounts Payable / Materials Management

General Grant

What is the difference between a grant and a contract?
A grant is an offer of assistance where the government is a partner/patron and the purpose is to provide support and stimulation. It benefits a public purpose and is investigator initiated. A contract is an acquisition where the government is a purchaser of goods and services. Contracts are initiated by the government and directly benefit them.         

How do I differentiate between a gift and a sponsored project?
A sponsored project typically has two or more of the following characteristics: defined work statement; competitive proposal/award process; a line item budget identifying expenditures by activity, function and project period; specific commitment of deliverables and level of personal effort; a formal report that summarizes results. A gift would have only one or none of above characteristics.

What is the capitalization threshold for BMC?
BMC: $5,000  

What is BMC EIN number?  What is BMC DUNS number
EIN: 043314093                        DUNS:  0054921600000

Where can I get a copy of the W-9 needed for the Independent Contractor/Consulting Agreement?
Go to and select: Forms and Publications Finder; Type: W-9; Click 'Go'; Click on Form W-9. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to Read and Print the form.

My grant has been approved for funding - how long until I receive a new activity number?
New activity numbers are set up by the Research Information Assistant within 3 days once the Grants Office has received confirmation that your grant has been approved.

If a BMC person is on FMLA should she/he be charged to my grant?
No - This person should be charged to the FMLA Detail Account. Contact your Grant Accountant if an adjustment has to be made.

What does Expanded Authorities mean?
Per NIH Grants Policy Statement dated March 2001 the definition of Expanded Authorities is as follows: The operating authorities provided to grantees under certain research grant mechanisms that waive the requirement for NIH prior approval for specified actions

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Rate Related

What are the current BMC and BU rates for Fringe and Indirect?
Rate Summary Sheet

What are common indirect exclusions?
Subcontracts, Equipment above $5K, Other Patient Care, and Tuition and Fees are all common indirect exclusions.     
What is the current reimbursement rate for mileage according to the Federal government?
Click here for most up-to-date rates:
Privately Owned Vehicle Reimbursement Rates (POV)

What are Modified Total Direct Costs?
MTDC are only those direct costs upon which the indirect rate can be charged (all direct costs after exclusions are taken out).

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What are the signature authorization levels for BMC?

Manager/Program Admin - Up to $49,999
PI - $50,000 and over

Who is the authorized signator for my grants at BMC?
Associate Director of Pre-award and Compliance (Ellen Jamieson) and Associate Director of Post-award (Gretchen Hartigan) can sign all documents.

Whom do I contact about getting more forms?
Contact Grant Administration Office Manager, or go to Forms Website

What is the budget revision procedure?
Budget revision procedures are dependent on funder regulations.  Most funders require revision requests in writing that often need the current budget, proposed changes, and revised budget as well as a written justification to support necessity.  Programs can work with their Grant Accountant to outline funder requirements and develop the budget revision.  If the funder does not require formal documentation in order to revise the budgets, a copy of the revised budget can be forwarded to Grants Administration to input changes.

How do I do a no-cost extension on my federal grant?
The Principal Investigator writes a letter requesting a no-cost extension to Gretchen Hartigan, Associate Director of Grants Administration. The letter should contain the Federal Grant Number, time of requested no-cost extension (usually is one year), and explanation as to why the extension is needed. Reference to dollars should not be listed. The no-cost extension is approved here at the institutional level and faxed to NIH, where approval is automatic and a revised NOGA is generated.

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What is Time and Effort Reporting and why do I have to do it?
Time and Effort Policy
What is the procedure for subcontracts here at BMC?
Subcontract Policy

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Accounts Payable / Materials Management

How do I get access to Crystal Reporting and whom do I contact if I am having problems?
For technical question, please contact Financial Information Systems at 638-7824 or 638-7403. For procedural questions, contact your Grant Accountant or go to "Running Reports in Crystal."

Who are my contacts in Materials Management (MM) and Accounts Payable (AP)?
Research: Call:  617.638.6051
BMC Vendors A to I: Call:  617.414.1163
BMC Vendors J to Z: Call:  617.414.1167

What kind of back up is required when filling out a Purchase Order Requisition?
If the order is related to an independent contractor/consultant/subcontract, a fully executed contract is needed. If the order is with a vendor who will be performing a service (maintenance, electrical work, extermination,etc), documentation is required for backup. When the order is for a vendor that will provide a varied amount of supplies, a contract or other backup is NOT required. For products/services of less that $1000, no quotes are required. For $1001 to $4999, 2 quotes are required. For $5000 and above, 3 quotes are required.

How do I fill out a Check Requisition and what back up is needed?
Tips: Make sure Activity Number matches Accounting Unit and Account Category matches Detail Account. Make sure you have the correct Company box checked off ( BMC-100/BMC for BPHC box checked for any Activity that starts with 01 or 04; BPHC-800 box checked for any Activity that starts with 05). The Requester cannot be the authorizing signature. Make sure appropriate Level Authority has signed for the amount being requested (see FAQ #4). Original invoices only for attached documentation. Past Due charges may not be applied to current invoices.

How can I find out if an invoice has been paid?
Run the Grant Expense report in Crystal. If an invoice has been paid, it will show up here with corresponding check number and check date. If it has not been paid, it will still show up on this report but without a check number/date next to it.