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Global Health Initiative

The Department of Neurology’s Global Health Initiative provides opportunities for residents and attending physicians to provide neurological care in developing nations. The Initiative includes a Global Health Track for residents with formal presentations on global health neurology and opportunities in field experience and research.

The Department of Neurology partnered with the St. Luke Foundation and neurologists nationwide in 2013 to provide a continuous neurologic presence in Port au Prince, Haiti. Our second trip in November 2014 continued to provide desperately needed neurologic care. Our trainees and attending physicians have gained exposure to a wide range of pathologies rarely seen in the U.S. and continue to advance their clinical acumen with reliance on history and physical exam findings.


As a nonprofit institution, St. Luke has the same philosophy as Boston Medical Center to provide exceptional care, without exception. There is a tremendous need for neurologic care in Haiti. With an extreme shortage of neurologists, patients with epilepsy, stroke, spinal cord difficulties, and many other conditions go undiagnosed and untreated.