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About 4C

The Collaborative Consultative Care Coordination Program (4C) was created to help parents and pediatricians manage care for the most medically complex children in the community. 4C is not a replacement for your child’s current primary care provider, but rather a support for your family and your child’s provider. Through increased communication, the 4C team will identify the best combination of services and supports to meet your family’s goals. At Boston Medical Center, our program is run by Jack Maypole, MD.

When your child is referred to the program, your child and family will have a comprehensive exam. This will include not only your child’s medical conditions, but also meetings with a nurse care coordinator, social worker, behavioral health and developmental specialist, dietician, and family navigator.

Then, the 4C team will work with you and your child’s pediatrician to create a secure, cloud-based care plan which may serve as a “medical passport;” a summary of your child’s conditions and a plan for care over the next few months. If your child becomes ill or needs another visit between scheduling appointments, you or your child’s pediatrician can access the care plan securely via any web-enabled device/computer. And, the plan will be updated as needed, so you will always have your child’s most recent care plan at your fingertips.

The 4C program is a partnership between Boston Medical Center and Bay State Medical Center and is funded by a $6 million grant from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation over three years. Over time, 4C will assess the impact of these services to determine if this care model improves child and family health by reducing hospital admissions, ER overuse, complication rates, school and work absences, parental stress, and health costs.

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If you are a doctor interested in referring a patient, or a parent interested in learning more about the program for your child, please contact us.

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