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The Adolescent Center provides primary care services to those 13-21 years of age. Offering a “medical home,” patients can choose their own doctor or nurse practitioner who will guide them through their adolescent years, working together to ensure a patient’s good health.

Teens and young adults often take good health for granted, but there are many health challenges during these years and adolescents need a doctor who understands their unique needs.

The AC strives to create a place where patients can feel safe; where they feel that their questions and concerns are respected; and where their right to privacy is protected.

Normally, it's easy to visit the doctor (for a school physical or when a patient feels sick), but at other times it can also be difficult, frightening, or embarrassing. Adolescent Center providers are here for patients when the questions get personal. Concerns like these are heard behind closed doors every day:

"I need help with my weight."
"Am I pregnant?"
"I always feel sad or alone - what's wrong with me?"
"I'm worried that I am HIV positive."
"I just can't take it at home anymore."

The health and well-being of patients goes beyond medical treatment – yes, the Adolescent Center treats sore throats, but it can also be a resource for things like:

  • Problems at home or in school
  • Feeling endangered in any way
  • No heat at home during the winter
  • Ensuring patients have food to eat and a safe place to stay at night
  • Access to job training programs and day care programs to help young mothers
  • College information

The Adolescent Center doesn’t just treat the symptoms of illness, it takes a broad view of what it means to be a healthy person and works to give patients the tools they need to live healthy, productive lives.

Refer a Patient

The Adolescent Center is dedicated to providing a high level of assistance to its physician colleagues both within BMC and outside of the BMC system. Whether for diagnostics, treatment, a single consultation, second opinion, or ongoing follow up, Boston Medical Center’s physicians will keep the consulting physician fully informed of the patient's treatment plan and coordinate long term management.

Since the Adolescent Center serves as a primary care site for patients, there are no referrals needed. However, if patients require confidential family planning visits, they can be referred to the Adolescent Center.

Pediatrics - Adolescent Aftercare Clinic

The Adolescent Aftercare Clinic within the Adolescent Center at Boston Medical Center provides confidential (private) follow-up care for teens who have been sexually assaulted, or who may have had other types of non-work related exposures to blood or other body fluids. Many of these teens have already been seen in the Emergency Room or by their primary care providers, but need a source of follow-up care that we can provide.

Who We Are

We are a team of specially trained health care providers (a doctor and social worker) who work together closely on all aspects of patient care.

We Can Help With

  • Getting medication if you don't have health insurance
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Testing for sexually transmitted infections including HIV, if it's needed
  • Treatment for post-exposure medication side effects
  • Guided referrals for counseling or legal services
  • Support in the healing process

For Questions or Referrals

Please call the AAC Social Worker at 617.414.2597