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The Pediatrics - Autism Program Team

Shari King, M.A. | Program Director 
(617) 414-3666 | [email protected]
Shari conducts clinical oversight, personnel management and public relations for the Autism Program in addition to leading strategic planning and program implementation. She actively participates in the delivery of trainings, clinical consultation, advocacy and outreach efforts, as well as community networking and initiatives.

Lauren Bartolotti, M.A. | Program Coordinator 
(617) 414-3691 | [email protected]
Lauren provides clinical supervision to Autism Program staff as they execute patient and family referrals. Lauren also manages the internship program which brings undergraduate and graduate students from local colleges and universities onboard for a rich applied experience.

Liz Ferriero, B.A., C.E.I.S. | Autism Resource Specialist 
(617) 414-3698 | [email protected]
Liz provides guidance and support for families seen in the Developmental and Behavioral Clinic. Liz assists families in navigating local, state and federal resources and therapeutic supports. She also acts as a coordinator for the Parent Leadership in Autism Network (PLAN) program, which offers individualized peer support for parents of children with ASD.

Paula Cardoso, B.A. | Family Navigator
(617) 414-3662 | [email protected]
Paula works closely with the physicians and staff in the BMC Autism Program to address patient barriers and help ensure timely and appropriate treatment for children with ASD.  This often includes facing financial and economic concerns, language and cultural issues, patient-provider communication, health care system obstacles, transportation problems, and bias/stigma.  Paula meets with families during clinic sessions, makes home visits and closely assists with interactions within the school system and community agencies.  

Simone Dufresne, M.A. | Transition Navigator 
(617) 414-3847 | [email protected]
Simone provides support, guidance, and resources to adolescents and families served within Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics who are transitioning to adulthood. She developed and coordinates the program’s Transition Clinic, through which she discusses transition resources and topics such as goal setting, school IEP planning, adult services, and life skills development. She also coordinates the Teens Engaged as Mentors (TEAM) initiative and manages the program's website.

Hillary Hollis, B.A. | Autism Resource Specialist
[email protected]
Hillary works part-time providing support to families that have been seen in the Developmental and Behavioral Clinic.  Hillary assists families in accessing community resources and therapeutic supports. She also helps families navigate the special education process and facilitates Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) referrals. Furthermore, she empowers families to advocate for their child's unique needs and provides support around new autism diagnoses.

Internship Placement with the Autism Program

The internship program at the Autism Program at Boston Medical Center provides undergraduate and graduate level students the opportunity to participate in a rich applied hospital based placement supporting children and families. Each academic year, several interns and volunteers come onboard to assist the Autism Program by taking on special projects, assisting with family referrals, and supporting the day-to-day operations of the program. This symbiotic relationship provides the program with integral support, and becomes the basis for rich, hands-on learning opportunities for students on their individual pathways toward entering the field, thus addressing a national “pipeline” shortage of trained individuals interested in working in high risk communities. If you would like to learn more about the internship program, please click here.

Past Interns include:

Spring 2017 
Phanirekha Chandra, Boston University
Nicolle Garcia, Bridgewater State University
Jenna Terio, Tufts University
Katherine Farnsworth, Harvard University
Sama Halawani

Winter 2017 
Four Weeks for America, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
Amy Zhang
Andrew Hall
Chittampalli Yashaswini
Helena Ma
Julia Ginder
Julia Goupil
Julie Kim
Luzdary Ruelas
Raymond Liu
Yvette Abadi

Fall 2016 
Aurora Phillips, Tufts University 
Ana Goodenberger, Northeastern University
Phanirekha Chandra, Boston University

Summer 2016 
Shamaila Khan, Brandeis University 
Rachel Hantman, University of Washington
Cara Aborn, Trinity College 

Spring 2016 
Simone Dufresne, Tufts University (Graduate Capstone) 
Megan Souza, Tufts University 
Elizabeth Wolock, Tufts University 
Liza Ashley, Northeastern University 

Fall 2015 
Chrissie Massrey, Tufts University (Graduate) 
Simone Dufresne, Tufts University (Graduate Capstone) 
Maddy Kenler, Tufts University 
Samantha Fine, Tufts University
Samantha Watts, Boston University 
Joyce Kao, Social Work Intern 

Summer 2015 
Chrissie Massrey, Tufts University (Graduate) 
Julia Slater, Tufts University
Elana Lerner, Alvernia University (Graduate) 
Christina Besosa, University of Georgia 

Spring 2015 
Rachel Wright, Tufts University 
Chrissie Massrey, Tufts University (Graduate) 
Lauren Gabriel, Tufts University (Graduate) 
Lindsay Rosen, Tufts University (Graduate) 
Lauren Mattera, Boston University 

Fall 2014 
Sara Taxman, Tufts University 
Rachel Wright, Tufts University 
Kara Czeczotka, Boston University

Summer 2014
Alyssa LoGrasso, Clark University 
Hayley Grossman, Tufts University
Grace Conway, Wake Forest University 

Spring 2014
Gabby Horner, Tufts University 
Jillian McDermott, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Shannon McHenry, Tufts University 

Fall 2013
Sasha Parodi, Boston University 
Jacquelyn Roche, Northeastern University 
Samantha Straitz, Boston University 

Summer 2013 
Jolie Strauss, Tufts University 
Laurie Steiglitz, Boston University 
Dan Vogel, Colby College