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The Comprehensive Epilepsy Center at BMC

Epilepsy, sometimes called a seizure disorder, occurs when a person has had 2 or more seizures that were unprovoked by outside sources. A medical illness with many causes, seizures may have a major impact on the lives of children and their families, including at school, at home, and in their social lives.

Seizures are caused by abnormal electrical disturbances within the brain. There are numerous ways seizures show up; the person may appear to be staring, have quick limb jerks, limb shaking, body stiffening, fall down, or there may be other sensory disturbances. Seizures can also cause a person to urinate on themselves or have trouble breathing. Seizures are involuntary and unpredictable. Most seizures are brief, lasting less than 2-3 minutes; however, they can be frightening to witness.

The Comprehensive Epilepsy Center (CEC) at BMC evaluates and treats patients of all ages and the family-oriented epilepsy care team at BMC includes physicians, nursing staff, social workers and dieticians, working collaboratively to help children from their time of diagnosis throughout their entire course of treatment.

Specialized epilepsy services include:

  • Dietary Therapy (ketogenic and low-glycemic)
  • Seizure and Epilepsy Outreach Service and Line
  • First Seizure Clinic
  • Inpatient Coordination
  • Outpatient Nurse Coordination for parent questions/concerns, and medication refills
  • Second Opinion Service - Epilepsy
  • Surgical Consultation and Therapy
  • Vagal Nerve Stimulator

In addition to medical services, there are several unique programs for families. Medical Legal Partnership Boston can advise patients and families about problems with education, disabilities, employment, income support, immigration and childcare. As part of BMC’s mission to advocate for families and children, Special Kids, Special Help was developed to help families and caretakers find trustworthy and reliable information and resources about epilepsy, as well as autism and developmental disorders.