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Epilepsy - Family Support Assessment Clinic

Children understand things differently than adults, and they cannot always express their emotions with words. Mental Health Clinician Maria Trozzi helps parents understand the hidden messages their children are sending. A nationally recognized expert in the field of family resilience and loss, she has flown around the world helping communities cope with traumatic experiences. More recently, she has brought these skills to the Family Support Assessment Clinic at Boston Medical Center. Through the clinic, she works with parents as they help their children to understand and cope with dramatic changes such as the diagnosis of a serious illness.

“My goal is to give parents the information they need and the tools they need to reach out to their children and guide them,” she said. Trozzi is author of Talking with Children About Loss, a book that helps parents understand their children’s perspectives on grief and how to help them work through it. She is also director of the Good Grief Program at Boston Medical Center, which provides national training, crisis consultation and direct services to families and health care professionals.

Epilepsy Outreach Line: 617.414.4569

The BMC Pediatric Epilepsy Care program offers telephone access and support to professionals and laypersons in the community seeking information about seizures, epilepsy and accessing services.

The goal of this service is to promote community awareness, education and advocacy for children and their families in coping with seizures and or epilepsy. The targeted audience includes daycare and school personnel, primary care providers, parents and relatives of children with first time seizures, epilepsy and related conditions. The caller will be provided with general medical information and assistance in accessing sites for further medical care, education, internet and agency resources to meet their need / concern. Parents and caretakers of children with epilepsy may find it helpful for getting more information about day to day life issues / concerns as they come up. It is not intended to provide individualized treatment as this is best obtained through the child’s epilepsy team.

Monday – Friday, 9 am to 4 pm. Messages are returned within 24 business hours.

Call: 617.414.4569