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Head & Spinal Cord Trauma

The Head and Spinal Cord Trauma Program

Pediatric head injuries are a major cause of childhood morbidity in the United States, with boys twice as likely to be injured as girls. In a substantial minority of such cases, there is a concomitant injury to the spinal cord. Happily, most pediatric head injuries are “medical” and do not require neurosurgical intervention. Such medical injuries include: most scalp swellings, most skull fractures, cerebral concussion, cerebral contusion with post-traumatic seizures and increased intracranial pressure when unassociated with a major intracranial hematoma.

In many such cases, physicians in the Division of Pediatric Neurology work closely with our neurosurgical and orthopedic colleagues as well as our intensive care team in the management of these children, and in the presence of spinal cord injuries, such collaboration is essential. Dr. Paul Rosman has worked in this area for more than thirty years, providing teaching and clinical guidance to professionals involved in the evaluation and management of children with head and spinal cord injuries.