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Supporting Our Families Through Addiction and Recovery (SOFAR) Clinic

For 10 years, BMC has helped pregnant women with opioid dependence through Project RESPECT (Recovery, Empowerment, Social Services, Prenatal Care, Education, Community, and Treatment). Offering treatment for substance use during pregnancy, Project RESPECT provides prenatal care, substance use recovery services, and behavioral health within a specialized prenatal care clinic.

Led by Eileen Costello, MD and Sara Stulac, MD, SOFAR will support these women, and their babies, after delivery. The baby will have its well-baby visits in the pediatric clinic and during that same appointment and in the same clinic, mom will receive her continued treatment for substance abuse. In addition, mom will be paired with a mentor, someone who has been in her shoes, to help her through the challenges of having a newborn and undergoing substance abuse treatment. we believe this model will improve the health of mother and baby, help decrease rates of substance use relapse, and promote positive parenting experiences. SO FAR brings together a multidisciplinary team including general pediatrics, developmental pediatrics, neonatal and NAS expertise, addiction medicine, behavioral health, and infectious disease.

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