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Why A Center?

In Boston, more than 25% of our children live in poverty.  Most of Boston’s children are under-represented minorities.  And, just under 10% of Boston’s children have been exposed to multiple adverse childhood experiences, with nearly 20% have witnessed neighborhood violence.  Impoverished children and children of color have greater risk of poor physical and emotional health, with poor health in childhood profoundly affecting both educational achievement and lifelong wellness.

Pediatric care represents a tremendous opportunity to improve children’s health and well-being—infants come to primary care 6 times in the first year of life alone, and pediatric providers develop longitudinal relationships with families.  But to best care for children and families, we must re-design our care delivery to actively partner both other health care providers (like adult medicine, obstetrics-gynecology and psychiatry), educators and community organizations; develop novel programs; and bring the best of existing evidence into our daily practice.

The Center will leverage our team’s expertise, experience and commitment to underserved families, and, through the Center’s structure, will integrate evidence-based clinical innovations and will create novel approaches to pediatric care delivery that address all aspects of wellness with particular attention to the social determinants of health.