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Welcome to Baystate Children's Hospital!

Meet Our Team

Dr. Bhavesh Shah

Dr. Bhavesh Shah, Neonatologist, is the Principle Investigator for our Baystate Children's Hospital Elgan site. Dr. Shah is an experienced Neonatologist; he has been involved in the intensive care of newborns for over 30 years. Dr. Shah has been actively involved with the ELGAN study from the beginning.

Dr. Rachana Singh, Neonatologist, has been a part of ELGAN II and now is our Team's Principle Investigator. Dr. Singh has been caring for preterm infants for 11 years, and has started the NICU Neurodevelopment Follow-up Clinic at Baystate Children's Hospital

Debby Klein

Debby Klein, RN is the ELGAN II Research Nurse. She has worked in NICU and CCN at Baystate, taking care of newborns and on research projects. Debby has been a pediatric nurse (in an earlier life), too and is delighted to be able to connect these two professional interests.

Susan McQuiston, PhD and Anne Smith, PhD are the Psychologists who met with our ELGAN children during their ELGAN II visits.  Parents may remember Dr. McQuiston from your child's 24 month follow-up visit. Both women brought years of experience with children and families to our Baystate Team.

What a treat it's been for us to see over 60 ELGAN children and their parents over the last 3 years!! 

Baystate ELGAN Families came from the Springfield area, the Berkshires, the Worcester area; some traveled from as far away as Arkansas, Florida and Georgia!

We are grateful to our ELGAN families' for their efforts and commitment to stay involved and help us so we can learn more about ELGANs. We value our ELGAN families' support; it is invaluable to gather information for future families with premature babies.

We are all looking forward to seeing our ELGAN children and their parents again in the future.  We are hopeful that there will be more ELGAN follow-ups as your children mature!!

Let's Stay in Touch!

We want to be able to share more newsletters and other information with you over the next few years as we plan for ELGAN3.  So please stay in touch: let us know your new mailing address and phone numbers if they change.  Contact for ELGAN @ Baystate Children's Hospital: 

Rachana Singh MD, ELGAN PI
Newborn Medicine
Baystate Children's Hospital
759 Chestnut Street, W2810
Springfield, MA 01199


[email protected]