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William Beaumont Hospital

Welcome to William Beaumont Hospital!

Aerial view of William Beaumont Hospital

For more information about William Beaumont Hospital, such as driving directions or parking information, visit our website at!

To contact us, please phone or email:

Judith Klarr, MD (248) 898-0633 or [email protected].

Beth Kring, RN, CNM, CCRC (248) 898-7289 or [email protected].

ELGAN Study Patient handprints - to be framed and hung in the new NICU.

Our ELGAN patients' handprint board which will be framed and hung in the NICU once it is completed

If you are bringing your child in for an MRI scan, check out our MRI Desensitization Handbook! This will help prepare your child for the visit by showing them what to expect.