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Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital

Directions to Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital.

If you are bringing your child in for an MRI scan, check out our MRI Desensitization Handbook! This will help prepare your child for the visit by showing them what to expect.

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Meet Our Team:

Richard Ehrenkranz, MD

Dr. Richard Ehrenkranz is currently the Interim Director of the Newborn Special Care Unit (NBSCU), Yale–New Haven Children’s Hospital, as well as a Professor of Pediatrics, and of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences at Yale University School of Medicine.  He has been an Attending Neonatologist in the NBSCU and a faculty member of the Yale University School of Medicine since 1978, but began those affiliations in 1972, when he started his Internship at Yale.  Dr. Ehrenkranz was Yale’s Principal Investigator for the ELGAN-1 Study and is now the Principle Investigator for the ELGAN-2 study as well.  In addition to neurodevelopmental follow-up, Dr. Ehrenkranz’s areas of research include the nutritional needs of extremely preterm infants, bronchopulmonary dysplasia/chronic lung disease, and neuroprotective therapies.

Elaine Romano, PNP

Elaine Romano, a pediatric nurse practitioner at Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital, has spent her career in a variety of roles.  She initially worked as a staff nurse in the Newborn Special Care Unit (NBSCU), providing direct care to our sickest and smallest patients and their families.  Elaine also spent time as an NBSCU research nurse, and is a skilled lactation consultant.  Currently, Elaine coordinates the Newborn Follow-up Program and the Preterm & High Risk Infant Primary Care Clinic at Yale.  She is also involved in training and supervising fellows at the Yale Child Study Center as they learn to administer neurodevelopmental tests to infants and young children.  Elaine was one of the research nurses for the ELGAN-1 Study, and is delighted to continue her role as research nurse for the next phase of this important project.