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Hip Replacement Returns Umpire to the Field

October 31, 2016

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Baston Sameuls, 58, has been living with hip pain for more than a decade.  Over time, the pain worsened and began to affect his daily life more and more.   Recently, an x-ray showed that his hip joint had degenerated to the point where it needed to be replaced.

Married with two daughters living at home, Baston operates a street sweeper which is very physically demanding.  When not working, he enjoys 3-5 mile walks each day around Franklin Park and in the summer is an umpire for cricket matches at Dorchester’s Franklin Field. Both his job and role as umpire became more difficult as Baston’s hip pain increased in recent years. In fact, the pain from his hip reduced his activity level so significantly that he gained weight and was not feeling as high spirited as he usually did.  

We caught up with Baston a few weeks before his surgery with Eric Smith, MD at Boston Medical Center.  He told us that he was “feeling optimistic and confident, and praying for the surgery day to come.” Baston said that his first impression of Dr. Smith was a good one, and that he felt confident in how the surgery that would be performed, Dr. Smith, and the entire medical team who would care for him.  He added, “I’m looking forward to getting back into the game of cricket, and to resuming my daily walks.” 

Baston’s daughter Patrice was also looking forward to her dad’s surgery. “I’m so used to my dad being outgoing, social, and driven,” she said, adding that her father’s severe pain had lessened his quality of life and that while steroid injections provided temporary relief, the surgery was really necessary. 

Baston underwent hip replacement surgery in which the ball and socket joint was replaced with a titanium one.  “The surgery went very well,” said Dr. Smith.  He went on to say that he expects Baston to have a full recovery and resume is normal activities free of pain or limitations. 

When we spoke to Baston several weeks after the surgery, he was in very high spirits.  “I already have less pain than before the surgery, and I am still healing,” he shared.  “They have done wonderful work – Dr. Smith, the people in the operating room, and everyone who took care of me after the surgery.  I am so, so blessed”

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