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Prevention Projects

Project DULCE

Development Understanding & Legal Collaboration for Everyone (Project DULCE) introduces a Strengthening Families intervention model into the primary care setting through the Patient Centered Medical Home. This project provides families with support for unmet legal needs and information on child development. DULCE adapts and combines elements of Healthy Steps and Medical-Legal Partnerships with a community component through active participation of local programs to reach the dual goals of improving child development and reducing maltreatment.

Dr. Robert Sege Discusses Project DULCE at Boston Medical Center

Time: 2.22 minutes

In this brief video, Dr. Sege discusses two cases that show the benefits of Project DULCE's intervention in primary care. One case, involving survivor benefits, illustrates the power of the medical-legal collaboration. The other involving a crying baby after the mother receives bad news, demonstrates the effects of knowledge about parenting and child development.