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Autism Friendly Initiative


The Autism Friendly Initiative at Boston Medical Center aims to improve the hospital experience for patients with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Patients with ASD have various sensory and communication needs, which, when combined with the fast-paced and often over-stimulating hospital environment, can present obstacles to quality healthcare experiences. Through this initiative, BMC aims to address the unique needs of patients with ASD through staff training, environmental adaptation, and protocol adjustment throughout the hospital. We believe this will lead to better hospital experiences, and ideally outcomes, for patients with ASD.


[Dentist Training Picture]

On October 25th, 2017, we met with Boston University dental students for a Pediatric Dental Special Needs Training. Our guest speakers from PLAN were Sharon Southard, Jen Adams, and Latoya Gayle.

[Psychiatric Training Picture]

On November 2nd, 2017, we joined Dr. Clark’s 3rd Year Psychiatry Clerkship session. Our guest speakers from PLAN were Pam Palmucci, Lucy Pignataro, and Faith Dantowitz.