BMC volunteer sorting mailThe Volunteer Services Department at BMC is dedicated to helping BMC fulfill its mission of providing consistently excellent and accessible health services to all in need of care, regardless of status or ability to pay. Our volunteers continue to grow and support staff, patients and families.

Volunteers assist the BMC community with services that support the hospital's mission while providing an enriching experience for the volunteer.

Volunteer Services' main goal is to integrate and assimilate volunteers throughout the hospital where they have the greatest impact to BMC's patients and staff. In doing this, Volunteer Services is also devoted to providing a meaningful experience for the volunteer that aligns with the hospital's mission and the volunteer's goals and desires to give back to the community.

Contact Volunteer Services

Volunteer Services Department
Boston Medical Center
85 East Concord Street
Boston, MA 02118
[email protected]
Main Phone: 617.414.5122


Volunteer Services – Application Process


Our application process is currently on hold as we determine our timeline for spring programming. Please check back on this page for any updates on accepting new volunteers into the volunteer program at Boston Medical Center.

Once your application and references have been received, please allow two weeks for the application to be reviewed. Please note that we receive more applications than available positions and therefore cannot guarantee placement for all who apply.


  1. Selected applicants will be notified of times for a phone interview. Phone interviews are generally about 20 minutes to confirm information on your application and find out a little more about you and your interest in volunteering.
  2. Applicants may then be brought in for an in-person interview with a Volunteer Services team member to determine placement in a volunteer role.


  1. After confirming placement in a position, volunteers will need to make an appointment with the Working Well Clinic/Occupational Health where they will present a hard copy of their immunizations. They will then notify Volunteer Services to schedule an orientation. 
  2. After receiving clearance from the Working Well Clinic, the volunteer will attend a volunteer orientation with Volunteer Services.
  3. Volunteers will then be able to obtain their ID badge and establish a start date.

Volunteer FAQs

Is Boston Medical Center accepting new volunteers?

In efforts to mitigate the spread of Covid-19, Boston Medical Center is not accepting any new applications for on-site volunteer positions. We have a robust team of current volunteers who are piloting remote volunteer roles while we limit the number of patient facing volunteer roles. Please check back on the Volunteer Services website for any updates to our application process.

Is there an age requirement to volunteer at Boston Medical Center?

Our youngest volunteers are entering their junior year of high school. As opportunities for high school volunteers occur during typical school hours, we encourage those interested to apply to our Junior Summer Volunteer Program. 

I have applied online, but have not heard from anyone after the suggested two-week response. What should I do?

Chances are we are waiting to receive your letters of reference. We generally do not reach out to applicants unless we receive both of the two required letters of reference. Please keep in mind we receive many applications and review them on a first come first serve basis. You may reach out to us, but we cannot guarantee a placement for all that apply.

Who should the references be from? What should the references write?

Two letters of reference are required. Reference letters need not be more than a paragraph in length and should speak to the applicant’s interest in volunteering at BMC as well as their strengths as a volunteer. Letters of reference can come from anyone other than a relative.
For volunteer applicants who are currently students we encourage one of the references to be from a recent teacher or advisor.

I only have evening and weekend availability. Can I volunteer?

We have a limited number of opportunities during evenings and weekends. These opportunities tend to fill quickly and there is less need for volunteers during these hours. Some roles allow flexibility for a 3-6 p.m. shift. If you have any flexibility with your schedule, we encourage you to note it on your application.

I am interested in receiving school credit for my time at BMC. Does Volunteer Services oversee internships? 

If a student is interested in receiving school credit for their internship they must reach out to the employee they want to intern with directly. The employee will then reach out to Human Resources to establish the internship.

What about shadowing or observing opportunities?

If you are interested in shadowing or observing, you must reach out to the individual employee you would like to shadow directly. The employee must then contact Human Resources. 

Can I attend volunteer orientation before knowing my volunteer role?

We ask that you wait to attend orientation until you have been placed in a volunteer role and have determined a weekly shift. This will provide an easy transition from fulfilling the requirements to become a volunteer to starting in your role. 


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